WHAT IS gonoma.net Travel?

We’re not a travel agency, we don’t sell tours, book flights or reserve hotel rooms. Instead, we publish great travel writing…and own a cozy community cafe that brings the best people in the area together over coffee, good food, and conversation.

GoNOMA is well known among tourism boards, travel writers, anyone who is well-versed in travel and wants to get the skinny on the unexplored, the unseen and the unwritten about.

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Gonoma.net features:

Original, unusual and inspiring travel articles written by top travel writers

Detailed guides to off-the-beaten-path destinations and favorites from a new perspective

A robust, searchable database of thousands of tours and unique trips to exotic destinations around the world and around the U.S.

More travel content than 99% of travel sites on the web. Since 2000!

A specialized marketplace for travel books, music, films, goods and gear.

A commitment to sustainable and responsible travel.

Links to sites where you can purchase air tickets, visas, passports, travel insurance, rental cars, airport parking, hotels, and hostel rooms in one place.

Some of the best travel writing you can find on the web.

A place where you can ask questions about travel and get answers from pros.


At gonoma.net, we define Alternative Travel as “Participatory Travel.” Beyond passive sightseeing, Alternative Travel engages travelers with the people, culture and environment of a destination. It is travel that teaches, travel that challenges, travel that enlightens and rewards.

A vital aspect of Alternative Travel is an emphasis on sustainable and responsible tourism. Alternative travelers are concerned about the environments and cultures of the destinations they visit, and want to help preserve and conserve those resources for the resident communities and future travelers. Thus, Alternative Travel is also participatory in this regard: helping to maintain and sustain communities and people around the globe through awareness and support.Whether through taking a weaving course in Guatemala, volunteering in Nepal, joining an active, educational tour through Europe, or staying with a local family in Africa, alternative travel brings travelers into close contact with communities and destinations, and returns them home changed by their experience: enlightened, challenged, rewarded.


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